Roster Movistar
Project Description

Roster Movistar is Movistar’s new cultural sponsorship project. Preceded by Artsy, this year they’ve relaunched a brand new concept whose main purpose is to promote and support up-and-coming national artists. Their roster started with 8 bands: Yana Zafiro, Soledad Vélez, Poolshake, urfabrique, Cor Blanc, Tercer Sol. The project aims to sponsor artists by booking them gigs, festivals and other potential music collaborations. In addition to this they also gave them 2000€ to help fund an art project (music video, recording an EP, a Photoshoot, etc) and help them with communication and promotion.

Roster Day, one of the first events hosted by Roster Movistar in a showcase festival format with a panel discussion about the importance of the visual identity of an artist presented by Frankie Piza with the participation of different music industry professionals.